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Programme Schedule

Last Updated: 19/09/18


8am – 10am: “Monday Breakfast” with Jennie (F’nightly) – includes local & national news, sport, weather, Community info & interviews

10am – 11am: “Playback”

11am – 2pm: “Down Under” with Gary Lee & Sherrie. The best Aussie classics & new AMRAP Artists!

2.00pm – 3pm: “Forever Forward” – radio show presented by Year 5/6 students from Sanctuary Point Public School (School Terms only)

3pm – 4pm: “Off the Record” with Brian Wise

4pm – 5pm: “60s Garage Rock from California” with Dick Lee

5pm – 6.30pm: “Walla Waanie” with Virginnia, Indigenous music, news, and local information

6.30pm – 7pm: National Indigenous News Review

7pm – 8pm: Spotlight” CRN Country Show, includes Feature Artist.

8pm – 12am:  Country Music Till Midnight



7am – 10am: “Double-Shot Tuesday” with Marilyn. General music, twice the treat!

10am – 12pm: “Yesterday’s Heroes” with John Summers (‘Mr Music’). The very best of the 50s to the 90s!

NEWS AT 12pm

12.05pm – 12.35pm: “Lost in Science” from the CRN.

12.35pm – 2.30pm: “Backtrack” with Lance, music from across the generations from the 50s to today!

2.30pm – 3pm: “Classic Albums” with Mick.

3pm – 5.30pm: “Deadset” with Greg. Join Greg as he delves into the back catalog of the Grateful Dead! Incl feature artists, live in-studio performances, interviews, community info and much more.

5.30pm – 6.30pm: Beale Street Caravan (USA) from the CRN

6.30pm – 7pm: General Mix

7pm – 9pm: “Disco Wonderland” with Raul!

9pm – Midnight – Blues night on BBFM



7am – 10am: “Snapshots of Sound” With Zena
A great selection of music incl News, weather/coastal waters and much much more!

10am – 12pm: “Strolling Down Memory Lane” with Martin and Renate. Songs from the 30s through to the 60s!

NEWS AT 12pm

12.05pm – 12.30pm: “Cinemascape” CRN – Reviews of 3 current movies

12.30pm – 2.30pm: “Café Society” with Andre.

2.30pm – 4.30pm: General Music Mix

4.30pm – 6pm: “The SLAM!” Shoalhaven Live Arts & Music program with Michael and Vanessa. Featuring local music, Arts information, local gig guide, live in studio performances and interviews (repeated Fridays 2pm – 3pm)

6pm – 7pm: General Music Mix

7pm-  9pm: “The Latin Corner” with Jaime, featuring an eclectic blend of Latin, Spanish and World music

9pm – 10pm: “The Breeze” with John Deegan. CRN jazz show

10pm – 12am: “New York Jazz” with Tom Parker
From the city that never sleeps, New York City


12am – 1am: “Jazz made in Australia” from the CRN.


7am – 10am: “Thursday Breakfast” general music

10am – 12pm: “Yesterday’s Heroes” with John Summers (‘Mr Music’). The very best of the 50s to the 90s!

NEWS AT 12pm

12.05pm – 1.35pm: “The Thursday LIVE Special” with Rob.

1.30pm – 3.00pm: “Shed Happens” with Brad and Wayne from the Bay and Basin Men’s Shed, Sanctuary Point!

3pm – 4pm: “Bluesbeat Australia” from CRN.

4pm – 5pm: Nothing But The Blues (AUST) from the CRN

5pm – 6pm: “Aussie Music Weekly” The best Australian content.

6pm – 7pm: AMRAP AirIt Charts (100% Australian content)

7pm – 8pm: Live Delay” from 4ZZZ

8pm – 12am Reggae Night on BBFM

8pm – 9pm: “Roots n’ Reggae” CRN

9pm – 10pm: “Babylon Burning” CRN 

10pm – 12am: “The Freedom Train” Reggae Mix



8am – 9am: “Contact” Indie rock and alternative with Andrew Lambkin. From the CRN

9am – 11.30am: “Cult Classics” with Gary Lee & Sherrie, taking you back to re-visit classic bands and music that became cult classics!

11.30am – 12pm: “Classic Albums” with Mick.

12pm – 1pm: “Well Wicked Hour!” with Vincentia High School (school terms only)

1pm – 2pm: Primary Perspectives” (school students) from the CRN

2pm – 3pm: “The SLAM!” Repeat Shoalhaven Live Arts and Music program with Michael and Vanessa. (repeat of Wednesday program)

3pm – 5pm: “New Releases” with Lance (fortnightly: “Talking Pictures” with Andre & Jacqui)

5pm – 5.30pm: “Kids Storytime”

5.30pm- 6pm: “Recorded Live”

6pm – 7.30pm: “The Jotboard Show” with Jesse & Chris. The latest from the Internet and the world around it!

7.30pm – 8.30pm: “New Rock Releases”

8.30pm – 12am: “ROCK ON!!!!!” 2.5 hrs of the best ROCK



6am – 7am: Earth Matters & A Question of Balance (Environmental Programming)

7am – 7.30am: Real World Gardener from the CRN

7.30am – 8am: General Mix

7.50am – 12.05pm: “Let’s Go” with Margo (fortnightly, with various announcers) Featuring a great selection of new releases and classics as well as local garage sales, coastal waters report, news, sports & weather.

NEWS AT 12pm

12.05pm – 1pm: “It’s Time” (Saturday Edition)
CRN show playing 60s, 70s and 80s hits from this week in the past

1pm – 3pm: “Saturday Mixed Bag” with John & Jennie (2nd & 4th Saturday) Motown, soul, R & B, interviews, competitions and so much more! (John presents “Wot Ever” 1st and 3rd Saturdays 1pm – 3pm)

3pm – 4pm: General Mix

4pm – 5pm: “Top of the Pops” from the BBC & CRN

5pm – 6pm: “Arts Alive”

6pm – 9pm: “SATURDAY NIGHT MIX” (various announcers) music form across the genre

9pm – 12am: Dance Mix to midnight


12am – 7am: Music mix from across the genres from the 70s to today

7am – 9am 60s Music Morning On BBFM

7am – 8am: “The Beat Generation” Journey with Shayne Locke through The Beat Generation as he looks at music that changed the world.

8am – 12pm: “Classic Sixties on Sunday” with John Manners, 60s music show with News & Weather

NEWS AT 12pm

12.05pm – 1pm: “It’s Time” (Sunday Edition) CRN Featuring 60s, 70s & 80s hits from this week in the past

1pm – 2pm: “Songs On The Wire” with Anne McCue

2pm – 5pm: “Divine Matters” with Robin Weston

5pm – 7pm: “Tiki Lounge Remix”

7pm – 7.30pm: “OVERDRIVE” with David Brown & Brian Smith – Cars & culture show

7.30pm – 8pm: “Dads on the Air”

8pm – 9pm: “The Folk Show” from the CRN

9pm – 9.50pm: “Let the Bands Play” from the CRN big bands from the swing time era of yesteryear!

9.50pm – 10pm: “More Civil Societies” with Eva Cox

10pm – 12am: Sunday Night Easy Listening – Two hours of BBFM’s easy listening mix, with no interruptions