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Carer Support

Carers play an integral role in providing support for the person they care for to remain living at home. This can be on a part time basis or a full time responsibility and is often not limited to just family members but also friends.

At BBCR we acknowledge the enormous value of a carer’s role and understand how vital it is for carers to have time for themselves to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

BBCR offers programs for carers of older persons, which gives carers the opportunity to have time away from their caring role knowing the person they care for is safe and engaged.

Carer Support Group

In addition to our programs for the person being cared for we also facilitate a monthly Carer’s Support Group. Here group members can share personal stories, receive support from other carers and access resources. Feedback from carers who attend report that they find the environment to be encouraging and confidential and welcome the opportunity to talk to other carers experiencing similar situations and from those conversations know they aren’t alone.

The carer support group is held on the last Thursday of the month in Sanctuary Point.


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