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June 19, 2017

BBCR and Dapto Community Gardens have made a huge difference in Marks life by connecting Mark with the volunteers who contribute many hours of work each week tending to the community gardens.

BBCR Staff transport Mark to the gardens where he participates in gardening activities weeding, planting, watering in the garden beds. This also has the added benefit of offering social contact with regular chats with fellow gardeners.

Roy one of the regular participants surprised Mark when we arrived to start work on his regular day at the gardens. A group of participants had a working bee and they all decided to dig, prepare, fertilize and plant a few seedlings for Mark to look after on a regular basis, and also gave Mark a tray of seedlings to plant himself all free of charge. Mark is now an official member of the community gardens!!



Marks first harvest of vegetables from his own garden bed at Dapto Community Gardens. Mark had a fantastic morning planting his winter harvest of seedlings thanks to the generosity of Roy who gives the seedlings to Mark free of charge. All the volunteer gardeners have welcomed Mark and are so impressed with his enthusiasm. They extended and prepared the soil with organic fertiliser all for free. BBCR and Mark are very grateful for all they have done, it’s a credit to all the volunteer participants at Dapto Community Gardens.