National Volunteer Week 2020 “Changing Communities Changing Lives”

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May 11, 2020

BBCR  would like to thank our hard working volunteers for their support and dedication

National Volunteer Week 2020

“Changing Communities Changing Lives”

National Volunteer Week is celebrated each year to promote volunteering nationally. It is the largest celebration of volunteerism in Australia and provides an opportunity to highlight the roles of individuals in our community and to say thank you for their dedication and support they provide to others.

BBCR recognises the importance of social connection in improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for our consumers whilst they have been isolating at home. Our dedicated volunteers have been playing an important role supporting individuals at home during this COVID 19 period. Our volunteers have been busy making wellbeing phone calls to our seniors to bring a little ray of sunshine in their world to help them feel a little bit brighter.

Through the use of technology volunteers and staff have been able to continue to stay connected with our consumers and the community to ensure we maintain their health and wellbeing.

Volunteering is crucial in building strong and resilient communities, by encouraging economic participation, mitigating isolation and loneliness, and increasing social inclusion, community participation and cohesion.

Volunteering roles at BBCR are diverse and cover many areas within the organisation providing support through the delivery of activities and programs offered.

BBCR is continually recruiting volunteers even in these changing times. We encourage everyone to stay connected whether it is via a wellness check and chat phone call, FaceTime, zoom or one of the many other technical ways. Volunteers are critical to make sure we can continue to provide this connection with older community members who are at risk of isolation.

If you would like to be part of “Changing Communities and Changing lives” and you have the time to volunteer you can contact the Community Engagement Manager at BBCR on 44439244 to discuss volunteering opportunities. Visit our website at to find out more and hear from our volunteers about the work they do.