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Bay & Basin Community Resources

Why Choose BBCR?

Thousands of people have enjoyed and benefited from attending the broad range of programs and activities we have on offer. Learn what makes BBCR unique and stand out from the rest.
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Our Mission

BBCR aims to be one of the leading community services provider in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions with the best community & support services that will enhance the health and wellbeing of residents and stimulate interest in the development of the community.
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BBCR strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

Everyone at BBCR is grateful to the people who have requested our assistance and support.
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Meeting Community Needs

BBCR Celebrates Staff Achievements

Whale watching was just part of the spectacular day experienced by BBCR staff when they attended the Health and Wellbeing day recently at the Kiama Pavillion.

The day was organised by the BBCR Board, CEO and Team who planned and facilitated the event to take the opportunity to thank staff for their hard work.

This event is an opportunity for all staff working in our community and home support programs across the Illawarra to be able to spend time together sharing experiences, learning new ideas and enjoying great conversation and food.

BBCR employs approximately 80 employees across the Illawarra/Shoalhaven. These employees are all vital and valuable in delivering a range of different community services including:

The focus of the day was health and wellbeing, and going by the evaluation feedback from the days activities everyone had lots of fun, enjoyed the healthy food and catching up with their peers.

BBCR would like to thank the following professional trainers who facilitated the workshops on the day:

Everyone received a special gift tool box filled with information, healthy recipes and other goodies to enrich, uplift and take away with them to assist in their busy working lives.

There was also a serious message from the day’s event– the fact is that no matter, which area of community services a person may work in, there is a common bond that binds us all together…… providing services to the people who need them the most in the communities we work in!

The theme for the day followed right through to lunch, which was a huge array of wonderful healthy food. The afternoon session was the official part of the day, the staff recognition awards. Years of service badges were presented to staff having served 5, 10 and 15 years working for BBCR.

The employee of the year was awarded to a very worthy winner, who is one of our many care staff team members, Darko Novak who was presented with his award by the President of BBCR, Dave Reynolds.

The CEO, Sue Clifton and the Board thanked all BBCR employees for all their hard work and dedication to the organisation and announced the BBCR is an organisation that is moving ahead with the vision of supporting the health and wellness for all their staff and people they support.

         Employee of the Year Darko              Diane and Gail celebrate 15yrs of Service            A great day was enjoyed by all staff